How do you want your staff to treat your customers? I could write a whole article (or maybe even a book) about customer service, but suffice to say you want your employees acting warm, respectful, and friendly to your customers. There are several basic habits you want them to form, which may include smiling, a firm handshake, and others. Again, this is for another time.

For now, I want you to picture the ideal interaction between an employee and a customer. How is the employee conducting themself, and how are they behaving? Now I want you to picture yourself treating that employee in that same ideal way. I ask you to do this because something magical happens when you treat your staff like you want them to treat your customers: everyone is...

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Lawers, engineers, accountants, and consultants across industries utilize a revenue model known as billable hours. A concept well-known to many, “billable hours represent work hours that a staff member reports as being chargeable to a client.” Simply put, work is divided into two buckets: billable and non-billable. Any time spent on working on a client’s project is billable, while time not spent on client work is non-billable. Simple enough.

The Challenges with Billable Hours

While billable hours present a number of challenges—tracking time, accounting for interruptions, and others—a key issue with billable hours is time spent on non-billable work. According to a 2017 study, lawyers across the country counted less than 30% of their days as bil...

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At Omega Concierge, we’re not afraid to do things a little differently than what’s considered the norm. For example, we pay our employees to read to help them grow, and we invest in our people to get the most out of them. Our core values are “ethics,” “excellence,” and “education.” I like to think of our way of doing this as "The Omega Way." In this post, I outline why Omega operates the way we do, and what it means to do things The Omega Way.

It means to strive for excellence—always.

If Omega’s people aren’t doing our best every day, then we are letting down our clients. I also consider a failure to strive for excellence a failure in my leadership. If we aren’t offering the best service, sharing a smile with ever...

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You’ve probably already noticed, but the workforce is changing. Baby boomers are retiring, and young people are graduating high school, trade schools, and college every year—and heading straight into the workforce. Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996 made up more than 35% of the American workforce in 2017. And this number is growing. By 2025, this group will represent 75% of the workforce.

Statistics aside, what does this this all mean? With older generations still holding leadership positions and holding decision-making authority, there is a potential disconnect between the employer and the employees. It also means that employers have an opportunity now to get to know millennials, and to create a workplace that attr...

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Spring is finally here, which means festival weather and crawfish season here in Louisiana, and of course, spring cleaning. Omega’s concierge staff is happy to help with personal errands and other personal tasks throughout the year, but we’ve identified five ways our clients find our services particularly useful at this time of year.

The Company Crawfish Boil

If you’re a business owner, you may want to treat your staff to an endless feast of crawfish, corn, and potatoes, but you can’t imagine planning the whole thing yourself. Let our staff handle it. We’ll get the food and drink ordered and delivered, and we can arrange for extras like table and chair rentals, a snowball cart, and entertainment. Just show up and enjoy a day with your...

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As we pointed out at the program kickoff in November 2018, the New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge is an annual competition for healthcare startups that was designed to drive healthcare innovation and investment in New Orleans. It is hosted by the New Orleans Business Alliance and presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana and Ochsner Health System.

After a months-long process of recruiting companies from across the country, reviewing applications, and much deliberation, the program will culminate on Wednesday, March 27 with the Pitch Finale event. The two finalists of the main competition—the Social Determinants Data Challenge—will pitch their companies to the judges and the audience.

The New Orleans Health Innovator...

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I was recently invited to speak at a Human Resource Seminar by the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. The presenters discussed various aspects of human resources, including hiring, company policies, and other aspects of HR. I shared my experience building a culture at Omega that values and retains our employees.

I appreciated the invitation from the Jefferson Chamber, and I enjoyed meeting everyone who attended. I want to take this opportunity to share some of the takeaways from my presentation: "Holding on to Talent Once You're Lucky Enough to Find it."

A Note About Hiring

Before you can retain top talent, you need to make sure you find it. I could write a whole separate post—or make a separate presentation—about hiring, but for the purposes of this ...

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The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson Economic Development Corporation (JEDCO) are continuing their Prosper Jefferson series in 2019, and on Wednesday, February 27, Omega’s Founder & CEO Ben Zapata will speak at a seminar in focused on human resources.

The event will focus on all aspects of Human Resources including hiring, company policies, and drugs in the workplace. It is designed for recruiters, HR recruiters, office managers, operations professionals, and the small business owner who serves in many roles in their business.

As always, Omega is humbled to be in the company of our fellow speakers. They are:

  • Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, Jefferson Parish Coroner
  • Ryan Rodrigue, Hollis Companies
  • Jim Schneider, Personnel Consulting Group

Omega’s Ben Zapata will focus on retaining your best employees. Specifically, he will talk about:

  • Building a company culture that fosters community and wins buy-in from employees.
  • Empowering employees to find their purpose, which makes them feel connected to their work.
  • Being open with employees about the company and showing some level of vulnerability.

This event...

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The Walt Disney Company and its Disney Theme Parks are well-known for their commitment to a creating a magical experience. Disney is also known as a model for customer experience and customer services lessons. In fact, Disney created the Disney Institute to “advise and train a variety of organizations worldwide based on the business insights and best practices of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts."

Omega is in the business of service, so I am always looking for wisdom to impart onto my staff so that we can best serve our clients and patients. As I mention above, there are plenty of lessons to take from Disney, but one simple line from Walt Disney himself stands out to me. I think of it often, and it informs how I want our staff to go abou...

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Thanksgiving is in our rearview mirror, and that means the next month is going to be busy with tree trimming, holiday partying and gift buying. Not to mention all that goes into the end of the year for running a business.

We’ve identified ways in which concierge services, like those offered by Omega, can reduce stress this holiday season.

1. Decorations

It’s always a nice thought to decorate your office, but having a staff member stop working to hang snowflakes and garland is a tough pill to swallow. A concierge service can shop for office decorations and and fill your office with holiday spirit. At Omega, we have also hired a light-hanging service for our clients' homes, and we arranged for it all to be done by the time the individual arrive...

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