Thanksgiving is in our rearview mirror, and that means the next month is going to be busy with tree trimming, holiday partying and gift buying. Not to mention all that goes into the end of the year for running a business.

We’ve identified ways in which concierge services, like those offered by Omega, can reduce stress this holiday season.

1. Decorations

It’s always a nice thought to decorate your office, but having a staff member stop working to hang snowflakes and garland is a tough pill to swallow. A concierge service can shop for office decorations and and fill your office with holiday spirit. At Omega, we have also hired a light-hanging service for our clients' homes, and we arranged for it all to be done by the time the individual arrive...

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In 2009, I was a guy with an idea and a dream. I knew that New Orleans-area hospitals would benefit from patient and staff concierge services, but convincing them of this was something else. With Thanksgiving upon us, I am taking the time to reflect about who and what have made Omega successful since 2009. And I’m taking this opportunity to thank them now.

To Omega’s Clients: Thank You

o our hospital clients, we are honored to have earned your trust to represent your company to your patients through patient concierge, guest services, and valet parking. We are often the first point of contact your patients and visitors have with your hospital, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.To our employee concierge clients, we are happy to make your employee...

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Omega Concierge takes pride in our people. We believe we have built a culture that embodies our core values: excellence, ethics, and education. In this “Omega Profile” series, we spotlight our people, and next up is Jamir Valentin, a valet at Ochsner Kenner.

Jamir’s Omega Journey

Jamir joined Omega in 2015 as a valet after working in a caretaker role for a home health company. He brings that caretaker mentality to Omega and to his valet position at Ochsner Kenner.

“I feel like we’re really helping people here. And I like helping people.”

More Than Parking Cars

When asked about his favorite part about his job at Omega, Jamir immediately answered:

“Interacting with the people. We see a lot of the same people week after week. We know each other by name, and we learn about each other’s families. We really become friends with our patients. It’s more than parking cars."

In fact, during the interview for this post—which took place in the lobby of Ochsner Kenner—several passersby called to Jamir. To each one, he flashed a big smile and replied by name.

Counting His Blessings

Jamir tal...

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In 2017, the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) launched the inaugural New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge, and they’re getting ready for round two. The program consists of a pitch competition for healthcare startups and was designed to drive healthcare innovation and investment in New Orleans. The 2019 New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge launches this week, and Omega is proud to be a program partner.

To kick of the 2019 Challenge, NOLABA is hosting a launch party on Friday, November 9 at the New Orleans Jazz Market. The event will feature remarks from NOLABA, an unveiling of this year’s Challenge Statement—the focus of this year’s Challenge—and a fireside chat with Dr. Lowry Curley, president & C...

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Omega Concierge has a practice that gets some puzzling looks when I tell people about it: we pay our employees to read. You read that right: we pay hourly employees for every book report they hand to me—salaried employees are required to turn in quarterly book reports. We have a library of books on a variety of topics relating to personal and professional growth. Employees can borrow a book from us, or they can propose a book of their own.

So why exactly does Omega Concierge pay our employees to read? There are several reasons, and I’m happy to share them with you:

It’s a core value

Omega’s core values are ethics, excellence, and education. The first two make sense to most people, but I often get questions about the third. While it’s...

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On Wednesday, October 31, Omega's Founder & CEO Ben Zapata is speaking at Happy, Healthy Workplace Part 2: Company Culture seminar. As part of the Prosper Jefferson seminar series, JEDCO and the Jefferson Chamber are bringing together experts in building company culture, and Omega is honored to be included among them.

Ben will shed light on how Omega, whose main function is to provide service to patents and clients, builds a culture that puts service first. He will talk about why company culture is important and how Omega builds it. He will discuss finding the right people, Omega's unique employee orientation, and the #OmegaBookClub.

The event will be held Wednesday, October 31st, from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM at the Entergy Office on Jeff...

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Education is one of Omega’s core values, and we believe strongly that we must give our employees the tools to grow. With that in mind, we pay our employees to read and turn in book reports.

I will go into more detail about the what we call the “Omega Book Club” in a future post, but for now, here are my favorite ten books in the #OmegaBookClub:

Comment below to let us know what you think of this list. Do you have any to add? We're always up for new additions to the Omega Book Club library.

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Omega Concierge takes pride in our people. We believe we have built a culture that embodies our core values: excellence, ethics, and education. In this “Omega Profile” series, we spotlight our people, starting with Concierge Kim Lopez.

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Omega Concierge was featured in a recent “Small Business Spotlight” by the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA). The spotlight article featured an interview with Omega Founder and CEO Ben Zapata. During the interview, NOLABA asked Ben about the founding of Omega, our recent growth, and our plans for the future.

The following is an excerpt from the interview:

NOLABA: You’re a company that has taken advantage of New Orleans’ small business/entrepreneurial ecosystem. Can you tell us how you have you utilized these small business resources to help Omega Concierge grow?
The 2013 decision to take advantage of small business resources was a game-changer for Omega. We went through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, which I cannot say enough positive things about. Through the program and its partners, including the Hope Credit Union, we have seen real growth. Getting involved with the New Orleans, St. Tammany and Jefferson Chambers have helped us make new connections as well.

NOLABA: What has been the number one key to Omega Concierge’s success so far?
Our culture is the number one key to Omega’s success. Our staff provides service that is consistent and timely. I believe this consistency can be attributed to the culture we have built. We’ve been able to hire people that buy into our core values.

NOLABA: What is your pitch to a prospective customer to get them to use Omega Concierge?
It varies by the customer, but when pitching our employee concierge services, I say:
“Our services make for a happier, more productive workplace. Employee concierge services allow your people to focus on work. Looking at our services as an employee benefit, you can attract and retain talent and show your employees that you care about them.”

The entire Small Business Spotlight can be found on NOLABA’s website. Omega Concierge thanks the New Orleans Business Alliance for helping to tell our story.

About the New Orleans Business Alliance: A public-private partnership, New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) is the official economic development agency for the City of New Orleans. NOLABA was formed in 2010 th...

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Because the relationship that hospitals have with their patients is unlike a traditional customer relationship, customer (patient) satisfaction can be difficult to measure and its importance difficult to quantify. However, high patient satisfaction is important for hospitals to strive for, and concierge services from a company like Omega can help you achieve it.

Why you should care about happy patients

In a blog post, healthcare marketing firm Language of Caring outlines the following reasons for placing value in patient satisfaction:

  1. Improved outcomes and healthier patients
  2. Patient retention, loyalty, and growth
  3. Success with accreditation and regulatory agencies
  4. Favored relationships with health plans
  5. Lower costs of doing business
  6. Reputation, pride and satisfaction
  7. Profitability

The Language of Caring article provides the rationale for each of these benefits, but the most important takeaway is that there are many business reasons to strive for happy patients. Improving the patient experience in your hospital can lead to hig...

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