Omega was recently accepted into the Economic Gardening Initiative hosted by Louisiana Economic Development (LED). Described by LED as a, “a market research program that provides virtual access to information tailored to your specific needs,” the Economic Gardening Initiative offers no-cost technical assistance to emerging Louisiana businesses. Omega will have access to market research and growth strategy experts from across the country.

In the coming weeks, Omega’s leadership will spend between 8 and 10 hours on phone conferences with consultants affiliated the National Center for Economic Gardening. After the series of discovery calls, the economic gardening consultants wi...

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By: Ben Zapata, Founder & CEO

If you have read my past posts or heard me speak before, or if you follow Omega on social media, you probably know that I am a fan of Simon Sinek. I have read many of his books, and I am a big believer in his golden circles principle of starting with “why.” I have adopted the golden circles into our new employee orientation, and I made them part of my presentation during a company culture seminar. As you can see, I’m sold on knowing your why—I’m all in. I recently came across two examples of individuals with seemingly simple jobs who understand their purpose.

A Simple Act of Kindness

The event that brought on this article was a simple ...

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At Omega, we talk a lot about engaging employees and improving the employee experience. We take steps to increase engagement among Omega’s staff, and our concierge services help our clients in engaging their employees. With that in mind, we are proud to sponsor—and look forward to attending—NFP’s October 17 “Ahead of the Curve” conference focused on innovation in employee engagement.

NFP has arranged for speakers and discussions surrounding the issue of pioneering solutions to everyday employee engagement challenges. Topics of discussion will range from creating a welcoming and engaging environment to diversity & inclusion to cyber security. Omega looks for...

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Employee engagement. What is it exactly, and why does it matter? A lot has been written about the topic, and a lot of companies have tried a number of tactics to increase engagement among their staff. Omega has a unique take on on employee engagement from two points of view: we take our company culture seriously, and our employee concierge service helps businesses attract, engage, and retain talent.

With many years of experience, along with external research that support our findings, we have seen that more engaged employees are more productive and positively affect your bottom line. And we believe, therefore, that it is worthwhile to make an investment in employee engagement.

Employee Engagem...

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By: Ben Zapata, Founder & CEO

Every company has a culture. A company’s culture can be good, it can be bad, or it can be ugly, but it is a culture nonetheless. I am a firm believer that a strong company culture not only gets current employees performing at their best, but also attracts employees to come work for us.

I also believe that it is too late to wait for an employee’s first day to impart our culture on them. That is, we have an opportunity during the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding phases to find the right culture fit and get buy-in to our culture.

We're obsessed with company culture. We build community, pay employees to read, and we start with our "why." Click here to le...

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How do you want your staff to treat your customers? I could write a whole article (or maybe even a book) about customer service, but suffice to say you want your employees acting warm, respectful, and friendly to your customers. There are several basic habits you want them to form, which may include smiling, a firm handshake, and others. Again, this is for another time.

For now, I want you to picture the ideal interaction between an employee and a customer. How is the employee conducting themself, and how are they behaving? Now I want you to picture yourself treating that employee in that same ideal way. I ask you to do this because something magical happens when you treat your staff like you...

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Lawers, engineers, accountants, and consultants across industries utilize a revenue model known as billable hours. A concept well-known to many, “billable hours represent work hours that a staff member reports as being chargeable to a client.” Simply put, work is divided into two buckets: billable and non-billable. Any time spent on working on a client’s project is billable, while time not spent on client work is non-billable. Simple enough.

The Challenges with Billable Hours

While billable hours present a number of challenges—tracking time, accounting for interruptions, and others—a key issue with billable hours is time spent on non-billable work. According to a ...

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At Omega Concierge, we’re not afraid to do things a little differently than what’s considered the norm. For example, we pay our employees to read to help them grow, and we invest in our people to get the most out of them. Our core values are “ethics,” “excellence,” and “education.” I like to think of our way of doing this as "The Omega Way." In this post, I outline why Omega operates the way we do, and what it means to do things The Omega Way.

It means to strive for excellence—always.

If Omega’s people aren’t doing our best every day, then we are letting down our clients. I also consider a failure to strive for excellence a fai...

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You’ve probably already noticed, but the workforce is changing. Baby boomers are retiring, and young people are graduating high school, trade schools, and college every year—and heading straight into the workforce. Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996 made up more than 35% of the American workforce in 2017. And this number is growing. By 2025, this group will represent 75% of the workforce.

We're obsessed with company culture. We build community, pay employees to read, and we start with our "why." Click here to learn more.

Statistics aside, what does this this all mean? With older generations still holding leadership positions and holding decision-making authority, there i...

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Spring is finally here, which means festival weather and crawfish season here in Louisiana, and of course, spring cleaning. Omega’s concierge staff is happy to help with personal errands and other personal tasks throughout the year, but we’ve identified five ways our clients find our services particularly useful at this time of year.

The Company Crawfish Boil

If you’re a business owner, you may want to treat your staff to an endless feast of crawfish, corn, and potatoes, but you can’t imagine planning the whole thing yourself. Let our staff handle it. We’ll get the food and drink ordered and delivered, and we can arrange for extras like table and chair rentals, a ...

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