Corporate Concierge Service

Offering Concierge Services to your tenants, employees and clients is a great way to increase productivity and performance, enhance customer experience, add value and boost employee morale. Omega Concierge is prepared to provide these services in your building or corporate office starting immediately.
How it works
We set up either a Office, Desk, Station or Kiosk inside your corporate office or lobby with a direct phone line and email address for contact.
All employees and guests have access to our Concierge Services.
Most services are provided free with the employee or tenant covering the costs associated with the service provided (e.g. We take their car to get an oil change or brake tag as a part of our contract, but they pay the cost of the oil change or the fee for the brake tag.)
Employee productivity goes up because we are taking care of their personal needs while they are at work.
Employee and Tenant morale and experience goes up because you are providing an added benefit for them.
Daily services are available on a first come first served basis.
Each request is given a time frame to begin and complete and a report is made to the client upon completion of assignment.

Most recommended services

  • Errand Running – Personal and/or business errands such as courier service, vehicle maintenance, shopping.

  • Convenience Services – Dry cleaning, shipping/mailing, postage and gift-wrapping. We handle a lot of dry cleaning and alteration requests which are completed for people while they are working.

  • Information Research - We research details for products, service providers, financial services and volunteer opportunities. Typical requests are for vacations, special events, pricing research, or how do I go about doing xyz? where can I find xyz?

  • Home-Based Help - Service appointments, mail retrieval and research pet care arrangements. Waiting at a customer’s home to meet the cable/telephone technician. We can set these appointments and then follow thru to make sure they were accomplished.

  • Corporate Support – Fund-raising campaigns, service excellence initiatives and recognition programs. We have worked with Habitat for Humanity to raise money for different projects and are involved in as many fundraising opportunities that we can help with.

  • Event Planning – perform research for business meetings, recognition dinners, company picnics and parties. Picking up everything from decorations to food for the company picnic. We often pick up supplies or arrange a birthday party at a staff meeting for an employee. We also have an inventory of decorations for events and have a good selection of things on hand we can use.

  • Travel Planning – We research airfare, hotel and rental car arrangements, currency exchange and passport assistance. We partner with several hotels, rental agencies & transportation services for discounted rates for our clients. This is for both travel outside of your office area or for guests and clients who are coming to your office.

  • Transactional Services – Reservations, tickets and gifts. Supplying greeting cards and stamps on-site. We offer discounts on many events and museums in the area. For example right now we have discounted Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium, IMAX, WW2 museum, and AMC Theatre tickets.

  • Guest/Client Relations - research travel arrangements, accommodations, tours, order floral arrangements and gift delivery. We book hotel rooms for people who come in town to be with family or corporate meetings. We also research tours and fun things to do in the city for them while they are here.

What will it cost?

You will pay a fixed monthly fee which covers all of our services and arrangements. Each employee or tenant has access to our services on a first come first serve basis. Contact us for a customized quote based upon your number of employees or tenants and the level of service you will require. (985) 264-6214