With Omega’s employee concierge services, our staff takes care of employee requests and personal errands that would otherwise distract from productivity. 

Businesses in a variety of industries contract with Omega to provide this benefit for their employees.


 Once your company hires us, your employees can begin submitting a service request. We ask for a description of their task, their contact information, and the deadline, and then a member of our staff will contact them for further details. It’s as simple as that.


 On a typical day, our concierges:

  •  Handle grocery shopping and food delivery
  •  Pick up or drop off dry cleaning
  •  Coordinate vehicle repair
  •  Deliver gifts to your clients
  •  Book vacation or company travel
  •  Plan and run errands for events and birthday parties
  •  Run company errands including office supplies, groceries for the office fridge, and picking up a laptop for your new employee.


 We’ve also been known to:

  • Coordinate a luau-themed party, which included delivering a whole pig
  • Pick up a child’s forgotten backpack from the family home and deliver it to school


 Omega works with business across all industries, although we have found the following industries find our services particularly helpful:


  • Hospitals and healthcare: Keep doctors and nurses satisfied and focused on patient care.
  • Professional services: Let your employees keep their billable hours high by reducing time spent on personal errands.
  • Tech and IT: If there is high demand for workers in your industry, as there is in the tech industry, concierge services can help retain your staff and attract top talent.
  • Education: teachers spend so much time working—in school and at home—take some stress off of them by providing employee concierge benefits.  

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