Omega Concierge has a track record of success providing concierge services to handle errands, organize events, and take care of any details you just don’t have time for. We have experienced and courteous staff to make you look good


  • "I am a giant fan of both Ben Zapata and his Omega Concierge team. I have used Omega Concierge services for both my business and my personal in the past. Ben has met with me when needed to assess our goals. He and his team has exceeded my expectations right from the start and is the reason that I’ve used them for such a variety of services since.!"

    Trey Matula.

  • "I have personally used and recommended Omega Concierge on numerous occasions and have always been extremely impressed with the results. They are one of the most professional organizations I have ever come into contact with and their employees all reflect that same attitude. If you need “Anything” and I do mean “Anything” done for your business or even your home I would suggest you give Omega a call."

    Wesley Levesque.

  • "I should have called Omega First…Our company was planning our 10 Year Celebration Party.My counterpart and I had worked tirelessly on all the details trying not to leave anything out. 48 hours before the event…we realize we did. After multiple internet searches and countless phone calls all came up empty, I called Omega. They found a solution and had our issue solved with one phone call. Looking forward to being able to give them some more business in the future."

    Madison Burris.