The Omega Way

Company Culture & Customer Service

How We Operate

We’re not afraid to do things outside of the norm. We focus on company culture, we’re obsessed with the customer experience, and we stick to our core values of ethics, excellence, and education.

We even have a name for how we do things. We call it, “The Omega Way.”

Building Company Culture

We believe that the best employees are happy employees. They are proven to perform better, and happier employees stick around and help us avoid the cost of turnover. We build company culture at Omega by:
  • Hiring the right people in the first place.
  • Knowing our purpose and starting with “why.”
  • Simon Sinek fans will relate to this.
  • Paying our employees to read, so they can grow personally and professionally.

The Customer Experience

We are in the business of service, and in many cases, our staff is representing our clients to their customers. Customer service must be a priority for us. We improve customer service by:
  • Treating our staff like we want them treating the customer.
  • Striving for perfection. The smallest of details can add up to make a big impact.