Spring is finally here, which means festival weather and crawfish season here in Louisiana, and of course, spring cleaning. Omega’s concierge staff is happy to help with personal errands and other personal tasks throughout the year, but we’ve identified five ways our clients find our services particularly useful at this time of year.

The Company Crawfish Boil

If you’re a business owner, you may want to treat your staff to an endless feast of crawfish, corn, and potatoes, but you can’t imagine planning the whole thing yourself. Let our staff handle it. We’ll get the food and drink ordered and delivered, and we can arrange for extras like table and chair rentals, a snowball cart, and entertainment. Just show up and enjoy a day with your staff—while getting all the credit.

Spring Cleaning

Some of us cringe at the idea of tackling spring cleaning, but we hope our concierge staff can make it easier for you. If you spend the day bagging up old clothes for donations, we’ll happily take them to the thrift store for you. And once you’ve decluttered, we’ll meet the cleaning service at your house to let them in and make sure the work is to your specifications.

Hiring a Landscaper

Whether your yard needs a spring cleanup or a complete landscaping overhaul, our concierge staff can research contractors, arrange for multiple estimates, and make sure the work gets done. We can also arrange a gutter cleaning, a spring power wash, or your annual termite inspection.

Car Care

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to apply just to your home. Treat your car to a spring detailing, and let us handle the logistics. We’ll pick up your car, take it to be detailed, and deliver a sparkling vehicle back to you. The same goes if you owe your car an oil change, tire rotation, or new windshield wipers: a concierge can handle it all for you.

Holidays & Gifts

Commercials on TV will remind us that we have to shop for “dads and grads,” but spring also brings other important occasions. Our concierge staff will shop for any gifts you might need—Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, and birthdays. And we can put Easter flowers on your table or get you a new gas tank for your spring barbecue.

For our employee concierge clients, the possibilities of how to use our services are almost endless. Give us a call at 985-264-6214 to discuss adding employee concierge services as a benefit for your staff.