There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to tweak their operations on a dime, including managing a business remotely. Employees have also seen their normal lives upended as they have been forced to work from home with no childcare or schools for the children to attend. With the State of Louisiana having entered Phase Two of reopening on June 5, and the City of New Orleans beginning its Phase Two on June 13, businesses and employees should expect life to change. As the reopening process continues, hiring a business concierge service like Omega can make life easier for businesses and their employees. 

Employee Concierge Services

Helping Staff Readjust

Your employees have been juggling a lot since the middle of March: adjusting to working from home, administering home school, making and keeping a routine, staying connected with the outside world, and others. As difficult as the adjustment to working from home was, readjusting back normal work life can be even more challenging for your staff. Many families remain without childcare, and seemingly regular errands are still not quite normal. 

For employers looking to help their staff readjust to work life, having someone run personal errands for them—a member of Omega’s concierge staff, for example—can go a long way in taking stress off of the employee. 

Corporate Concierge Services

Picking up Extra Cleaning Supplies

Hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, paper towels, face masts, and other supplies have proven both essential and hard to come by. Most businesses order their office and cleaning supplies online and have it delivered to their office. But what will you do if you run out of something between deliveries? Under normal circumstances, you would likely send your front desk staff out to easily pick these items up. In the current state of affairs, it is not so easy. It could take three (or more) stops to get everything you need. 

Instead, you could call, text, or make a request online, and a member of our concierge staff would find what you’re looking for and deliver it to your office. Avoid the hassle of your employees running around chasing supplies.

Arranging the Socially Distanced Meeting or Lunch

Business meetings look different than they did just a few months ago. Instead of gathering in one place, like your office or a restaurant, meetings today find their participants in different rooms and different buildings. 

If you’re hosting a meeting, and you would normally have coffee, lunch, or other refreshments, wouldn’t it be a nice touch to deliver the goodies directly to their office? Send us your order and the delivery addresses, and our concierge staff can make sure everyone at the meeting has their drink of choice. We can make as many stops as needed to give your meeting the extra wow factor. 

Helping the Shorthanded Admin Staff

For many businesses, administrative staff is now understaffed, overworked, or both. Sending staff out to do errands—even if the errand is essential—means that they are not in the office. Our concierge team can take items off of the list, including picking up groceries for the office fridge, getting office supplies on short notice, going to the post office or UPS store, or even picking up the executive team’s drycleaning. 

As always, Omega’s team is available to help with any of the above, or any other needs that arise. Give us a call at 985-264-6214 to discuss our Employee Concierge service, Corporate Concierge service, or creating a combination of services to meet your business’s reopening needs.