You’ve heard it from us before: Omega takes pride in how we go about our work. We are obsessed with customer service, we put an emphasis on company culture, and we encourage our staff to find their purpose. It stands to reason, then, that our pandemic-era pivot—greeter-screener services—would bring with it a blend of service, culture, and purpose. To meet a growing need, Omega now offers greeter-screener services to New Orleans-area hospitals and businesses across industries.

What Do Omega’s Greeter-Screeners Do?

Whether it is taking temperatures or asking pre-entry questions, Omega’s staff will perform whatever tasks your facility needs. Omega’s staff can welcome guests and guide them through the entry process, take everyone’s temperature, check in guests, give directions, or perform any other function within your greeting workflow. 

Omega’s staff understands that every facility has its own entrance protocol, and they will quickly adapt to yours. Safety is everyone’s top priority, and Omega’s staff knows the importance of adhering to all social distancing and PPE requirements that our clients have in place.  

Why Omega?

Omega is in the business of service, and our staff knows why we do what we do. Every day, Omega’s staff represents our hospital and business clients. Our team interacts with their employees when we run errands for them, and our valets are the first point of contact for anyone arriving at that hospital. We take this responsibility seriously. We are intentional in hiring for attitude over skills, and we provide all staff with extensive customer service training. 

This results in a greeter-screener who understands their role in representing you and in welcoming your guests, and it results in Omega greeters-screeners that are: 

  • Professional. From making eye contact and smiling (even under a mask) to addressing each guest with respect, you will be proud of how Omega’s staff represents you.
  • Compassionate. Going to a hospital in normal times can be stressful, and we’re not in normal times. Going anywhere in public—schools, businesses, and anywhere else—comes with an added layer of stress for many people. All of Omega’s employees understand this, and we have found that extra kindness and understanding go a long way.
  • Responsible. There is a lot at stake if safety protocols are not followed. And having a frontline staff show up late could negatively impact your entire visitor experience. Omega will only send you greeter-screener staff that are responsible enough to take their role seriously.

Omega stands ready to assist our community’s businesses and hospitals in their guest check-in process by adding Omega’s greeter-screener services to the process. All of Omega’s clients have our pledge that our staff will treat your guests and patients the way they deserve to be treated.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re looking for a professional greeter-screener to represent your company, simply fill out this form. A member of our team will contact you shortly.