Omega was recently accepted into the Economic Gardening Initiative hosted by Louisiana Economic Development (LED). Described by LED as a, “a market research program that provides virtual access to information tailored to your specific needs,” the Economic Gardening Initiative offers no-cost technical assistance to emerging Louisiana businesses. Omega will have access to market research and growth strategy experts from across the country.

In the coming weeks, Omega’s leadership will spend between 8 and 10 hours on phone conferences with consultants affiliated the National Center for Economic Gardening. After the series of discovery calls, the economic gardening consultants will assist Omega in developing actionable and attainable pathways to growth. Specifically, Omega will receive research reports, recommendations and data lists from the consultants.

Topics of discussion during participation in Economic Gardening Initiative include:

  • Market research and competitive intelligence.
  • Geographic information systems.
  • Core strategy review.
  • Internet, social media, and search engine optimization strategies.

“Anyone who knows me has heard me describe myself as a lifelong learner,” said Omega’s Founder & CEO, Ben Zapata. “To have access to these consultants who specialize in growth—especially in this chapter in Omega’s history—I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

Eligibility for the Economic Gardening Initiative includes:

  • Louisiana is its principal place of business.
  • Annual revenue between $600,000 and $50,000,000.
  • Number of employees between 5 and 100.
  • Annual revenue and/or job growth in at least 2 of the past 5 years.
  • The ability to deliver products or services to markets outside of the company’s local market.

Since its beginnings, Omega has connected with other entrepreneurs and with resources through a variety of programs: as a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, as a participant in CEO Roundtable, and as a member of the Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Tammany Chambers. In 2019, Ben Zapata joined Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Louisiana, the organization’s fastest-growing chapter. And now Omega adds the the Economic Gardening Initiative to the list.

Zapata reminds Louisiana business owners that they are not alone. “I cannot say enough about the support I have received throughout this journey. From connections made at chamber events to technical assistance offered at the Goldman Sachs and Economic Gardening programs, every bit has been valuable. We entrepreneurs all want each other to succeed, and we also have a lot to learn from one another.”

Learn more about the Economic Gardening Initiative in Louisiana, visit LED’s website. More information about the national program is available on the National Center for Economic Gardening’s website, or in the video below: