The Walt Disney Company and its Disney Theme Parks are well-known for their commitment to a creating a magical experience. Disney is also known as a model for customer experience and customer services lessons. In fact, Disney created the Disney Institute to “advise and train a variety of organizations worldwide based on the business insights and best practices of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.”

Omega is in the business of service, so I am always looking for wisdom to impart onto my staff so that we can best serve our clients and patients. As I mention above, there are plenty of lessons to take from Disney, but one simple line from Walt Disney himself stands out to me. I think of it often, and it informs how I want our staff to go about their work: “People can feel perfection.” The story of how this quote came to be is worth a read and can be found here.

One of Omega’s core values is excellence, so the idea of perfection really resonates with me. No matter what someone’s role is, I expect them to always be their best self and to strive for excellence every day. I believe Walt Disney’s theory that people can feel perfection. I see it relating to Omega’s work in a few different ways.

Attention to Detail: Picking up Trash

I often use this example in new employee orientation: if there is a receipt or a napkin on the floor, pick it up. It doesn’t matter if you are dropping off dry cleaning for a business concierge client or in the lobby of a hospital. It may technically be someone else’s job to pick it up, and that person may pick it up just a few minutes after you pass by it. However, there may be customers or patients who see that piece of trash on the floor in the meantime, and just like they can feel perfection, they can feel that imperfection. Our goal is to give them the best experience, and even a simple piece of trash can take away from that.

Attitude is Everything: Even When It’s Raining

I love it when I hear Omega’s staff show core values through their words and actions. I recently had a valet at one of our hospital locations say to me, “It’s easy to get annoyed by parking cars in the rain. But the rain that’s falling on me is the same rain that is falling the patients.” He went on to tell me that it’s his job to make people’s days better, and that his attitude can have a real impact on someone’s day. Hearing this insight from a staff member meant so much to me; he understands what Omega’s culture is all about, and he is bringing his best—even in the rain.

Going the Extra Mile: Finding That Whale

To cite another example of Omega’s staff going after perfection, I’ll point to a story from Kim Lopez’s Employee Spotlight. She tells the story of driving around downtown New Orleans searching for a hospital patient’s car. The patient was only able to tell her that he “parked near a whale.” Kim, along with another Omega employee, went on a quest for that whale. Searching far and wide, they ultimately found the whale, along with the patient’s car. Nobody, including the patient, would have faulted Kim for giving up the search. I’m confident that Kim’s search for the car embodies the pursuit of perfection, and that finding the whale was her achieving it for that patient.

I am proud to say that Omega’s staff looks to give our clients and patients a customer experience that leaves them feeling the same type of perfection that Walt Disney envisioned. What does perfection look like to you?


Ben Zapata is the Founder & CEO of Omega Concierge Services. He is also an entrepreneur, a problem solver, a lifelong learner, a husband, and a father. Ben can be reached at or 985-264-6214.