Omega Concierge is proud to call New Orleans our home. Many of our staff members—myself included—are life-long New Orleanians, and we are happy to serve clients throughout the New Orleans metro area. Our hometown has a unique culture, one that set our staff up to thrive and for our company to grow.

Exhibiting New Orleans Hospitality

Omega is in the service business. Through our hospital, employee, and corporate concierge services, we are representing our clients through direct interaction with their patients, clients, employees, and guests. And we take this responsibility seriously. Whether it’s parking cars, visiting patients, or running errands, our staff knows to always bring a smile and a dose of hospitality to work. Every member of our team knows to be “friendly, warm, welcoming, and helpful to others, especially strangers.”

Living and working in New Orleans puts us at an advantage when it comes to showing that hospitality. It’s not uncommon for a New Orleanian to invite strangers to family celebrations, to give strangers money on their birthday, and to take personal pride in making sure tourists have a great time. This hospitality is ingrained in our culture, so when it comes to our concierge services, we’re already a step ahead. We won’t even look at you funny if you ask us to deliver a car full of Zulu coconuts.

Asking How Someone is Doing—and Meaning It

For those of us in New Orleans, have you ever had a longer-than-expected conversation with someone you just meet? Did you have a deeper conversation than you’d expected to? Our staff exhibits this genuine approach to interactions every day. When they greet you with a smile, they mean it. When they ask how you’re doing, they mean it. And if a hospital patient needs someone to listen to them, our concierge will do it. This can be attributed to our staff knowing their purpose, but it is undeniably part of the fabric of New Orleans culture.

Working Together, Playing Together, Eating Together

While we work alongside each other throughout the year, the Omega team also takes time to connect outside of work. We have run a 5K together, and we enjoy getting to know each other’s families at company events. Really, what could be more New Orleans than a company crawfish boil?

Belonging to One Community

We all know that New Orleans has been through hard times, but we have shown that we are stronger when we come together. I feel blessed that Omega has seen so much success, and I feel compelled to give back when we can. Omega has bought tables at fundraisers benefiting organizations serving our youth, and our staff volunteers together—on their own time, not Omega’s. New Orleans is also unique in its abundance of programs that serve and assist emerging businesses. Omega has gone through such programs as a participant, and we have participated as a speaker or alumna of these programs. There is a reason why the Louisiana chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)—of which I am a proud member—is the fastest growing chapter in the world. To me, that reason is our sense of community.

I am proud to continue to call New Orleans home, and to continue to grow my business here. From the hospitality, to the authenticity and community, New Orleans has a profound impact on Omega. And it always will.