Because the relationship that hospitals have with their patients is unlike a traditional customer relationship, customer (patient) satisfaction can be difficult to measure and its importance difficult to quantify. However, high patient satisfaction is important for hospitals to strive for, and concierge services from a company like Omega can help you achieve it.

Why you should care about happy patients

In a blog post, healthcare marketing firm Language of Caring outlines the following reasons for placing value in patient satisfaction:

  1. Improved outcomes and healthier patients
  2. Patient retention, loyalty, and growth
  3. Success with accreditation and regulatory agencies
  4. Favored relationships with health plans
  5. Lower costs of doing business
  6. Reputation, pride and satisfaction
  7. Profitability

The Language of Caring article provides the rationale for each of these benefits, but the most important takeaway is that there are many business reasons to strive for happy patients. Improving the patient experience in your hospital can lead to higher patient satisfaction. Offering concierge services to your patients is one key way to get there.

How concierge services contributes to happier patients

In an article for Forbes, patient experience speaker and consultant Micah Solomon gives seven ways to increase patient satisfaction. These can be summed up in two categories: 1. ways to communicate with patients, and 2. implementing improved hospital systems. Offering patient concierge services can help with each of these categorizations:

  • Communication: friendly, compassionate, and hospitable concierge staff are trained in customer service and have fewer time constraints than the hospital’s medical staff. That is, concierge staff listen to patients in a way that make them feel listened to. This can go a long way in increasing overall patient satisfaction.
  • Systems: If a hospital has a defined number of touch-points for each patient—for example, the patient will be checked on X times per day—concierge services can increase this. At each of Omega’s hospitals, our staff visits patients every day. We also do things like deliver prescriptions, get a patient’s favorite magazine from the gift shop, or book travel for a patient’s family.

As you consider patient satisfaction, it is important to keep the “whys” and “hows” in mind. Omega’s staff is skilled at working with patients, and our personal touch can go a long way in contributing to a positive experience in your facility.

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