Corporate Concierge

We’re at your service to make your life easier
and to make your business look good.

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Our Clients Say

Kevin Wilkins

Founder & Managing Director, trepwise

“In true Omega fashion, Ben and his team have provided professional and caring service that has benefited my team enormously.”
Corporate Concierge services can take pressure off of your administrative staff and impress your clients and employees alike.


For an affordable monthly retainer, our concierge staff will stand by ready to serve you. Our services can be used for recurring errands like groceries, or for one-time tasks. Simply send us your request and consider it done. And we’ll proudly represent your company with the professionalism and upbeat attitude you’d expect from your own staff.
On a typical day, our staff can be found:
  • Running company errands including office supplies, groceries for the fridge, and an emergency laptop when technology fails you.
  • Delivering client gifts with a smile.
  • Booking all aspects of company travel, from flights and rental cars to hotels and dinner reservations.
  • Coordinating all details for on- or off-site meetings, including A/V, catering, greeting guests, and more.


Omega works with business across all industries, although in our experience, the following industries find our services:
  • Private Doctors and Dentists: Your front office staff is stretched should be scheduling, greeting patients, and billing, so let us handle the rest.
  • Legal and Professional services: Could your administrative staff be billing hours instead of running errands and making reservations? Leave that to us.
  • Insurance and Financial Services: When there’s heavy competition, every detail matters. Set your company apart with fresh flowers at your office, hand-delivered gifts, and the most impressive meeting they’ve ever been to. We can make it happen.
To learn more about our Corporate Concierge Services, call 985-264-6214.