Employee Concierge

Attract top talent, engage your employees, and retain star
performers with the most unique employee benefit available.

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Our Clients Say

Mallory Josol

Human Resources Manager
Greenup Industries LLC

“Many of us find that the services provided are so helpful that they are more than a benefit….Omega is a necessity!.”
With Omega’s employee concierge services, our staff takes care of employee requests and personal errands that would otherwise distract from productivity.


Once your company hires us, your employees can begin submitting a service request. We ask for a description of their task, their contact information, and the deadline, and then a member of our staff will contact them for further details. It’s as simple as that.
On a typical day, our concierges:

  • Handle grocery shopping and food delivery
  • Be home to let the repairman in—no more leaving the key under the mat
  • Pick up or drop off dry cleaning
  • Coordinate vehicle repair
  • Plan and run errands for events and birthday parties
We’ve also been known to:

  • Coordinate a luau-themed party, which included delivering a whole pig
  • Pick up a child’s forgotten backpack from the family home and deliver it to school


Omega works with business across all industries, although we have found the following industries find our services particularly helpful:
  • Hospitals and Healthcare: Keep doctors and nurses satisfied and focused on patient care.
  • Professional services: Let your employees keep their billable hours high by reducing time spent on personal errands.
  • Tech and IT: If there is high demand for workers in your industry, as there is in the tech industry, concierge services can help retain your staff and attract top talent.
  • Education: teachers spend so much time working—in school and at home—take some stress off of them by providing employee concierge benefits.
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