Greeter-Screener Services


for every guest that walks through your doors.

Whether it is taking temperatures or asking pre-entry questions, Omega’s staff will perform whatever tasks your facility needs.


 Omega’s staff can welcome guests and guide them through the entry process, take everyone’s temperature, check in guests, give directions, or perform any other function within your greeting workflow.

Omega’s staff understands that every facility has its own entrance protocol, and they will quickly adapt to yours. Safety is everyone’s top priority, and Omega’s staff knows the importance of adhering to all social distancing and PPE requirements that our clients have in place.


Omega’s greeter-screener staff understands their role in representing you, and it results in Omega greeters-screeners that are:


  • Professional. From making eye contact and smiling (even under a mask) to addressing each guest with respect, you will be proud of how Omega’s staff represents you.
  • Compassionate. Going to a hospital in normal times can be stressful, and we’re not in normal times. Omega’s employees understand this, and we have found that extra kindness and understanding go a long way.
  • Responsible. There is a lot at stake if safety protocols are not followed. And having a frontline staff show up late could negatively impact your entire visitor experience. Omega will only send you greeter-screener staff that are responsible enough to take their role seriously.

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