Employee engagement. What is it exactly, and why does it matter? A lot has been written about the topic, and a lot of companies have tried a number of tactics to increase engagement among their staff. Omega has a unique take on on employee engagement from two points of view: we take our company culture seriously, and our employee concierge service helps businesses attract, engage, and retain talent.

With many years of experience, along with external research that support our findings, we have seen that more engaged employees are more productive and positively affect your bottom line. And we believe, therefore, that it is worthwhile to make an investment in employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Defined

At Omega, we use a simple definition of employee engagement. An engaged employee is one who feels connected to their company, their work, their coworkers, and their boss. A connection will lead to feelings of enthusiasm, investment, and pride in what they do, and with whom and for whom they do it.

Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line

Employee engagement is not inherently positive or negative. That is, every employee at every company is engaged to some extent. Employees who do not feel connected to their employer and their work are less engaged, while those who feel a stronger connection or more engaged. There is a direct relationship between an employee’s engagement and their effect on your bottom line. This takes shape through:

  1. Productivity. According to a 2018 report by Gallup, companies with a higher average employee engagement saw positive results, including “substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, [and] fewer accidents.” While these factors speak volumes, the real kicker is that these employers with high engagement also reported “21% higher profitability.”
  2. Turnover & Retention. Employee turnover is expensive. In fact, it can cost up to 33% of an employee’s salary to hire and train their replacement. And does it come as a surprise that employees with a lower level of engagement are more likely to leave their employer than employees with a higher level of engagement? That same Gallup survey points “better retention” as a shared factor among companies with higher rates of employee engagement.

How Omega Engages our Employees

Everything we do at Omega relates to building our strong and unique company culture, and we have found that this goes a long way in engaging our employees. In fact, we refer to the unique way we go about our work as, “The Omega Way.”

Furthermore, CEO Ben Zapata has written and spoken about company culture and employee retention, and these are both directly connected to employee engagement. The better a company’s culture, the higher their engagement, and the less likely they are to leave. Omega believes in building company culture from the beginning, and we even pay our employees to read as a way to engage with them. We believe in building a community among our people, helping each employee identify and understand their purpose, and showing vulnerability along the way.

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