Since 2009, Omega Concierge has offered employee concierge and patient services to hospitals. Omega is proud to announce that we are expanding our offerings to include employee concierge services for private sector businesses, educational institutions, and many more.

Employee Concierge Services Explained

Employers hire Omega to provide concierge services for their employees. With Omega’s hospital clients, doctors and nurses have enjoyed the services Omega offers.

They commonly call on Omega to:

  • Make a trip to the supermarket and put the groceries away at home.
  • Pick up or drop off dry cleaning.
  • Coordinate the repair or servicing of a vehicle.

We have gone to an employee’s home to let in a plumber and to retrieve a child’s forgotten homework and delivered it to school. We have even planned and executed a luau-themed party which included delivery of a whole big. Employees are encouraged to get creative. If it will make an employee’s life easier, we will handle it.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

Good employees can be hard to come by and even harder to keep. Furthermore, life’s demands can distract employees from remaining focused on their work. We have heard time and again from our clients that removing the stress of life’s everyday tasks has led to happier, more engaged employees. From an employee relations standpoint, concierge services can serve as an employee benefit with true value.

Industries Served

While employee concierge services can benefit employers in most any industry, Omega has identified a few key industries where our services are particularly beneficial:

  • Professional services. Any hour an employee is taking care of personal chores is not a billable hour. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, and other consulting firms can all benefit greatly from employee concierge services.
  • Growing industries. In Louisiana, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the tech industry. We’ve heard from many companies in this sector that, as the industry quickly grows, qualified employees are hard to come by and hard to keep. Offering a unique employee benefit like concierge services can set your company apart from others and keep those in-demand employees working for you.
  • Education. Teachers spend a lot of time at school, sometimes from early morning into the evening. And everyone knows they are grading papers at home. Offering them concierge services will let them focus on their students at school and get some rest at home.

How Does It Work?

Omega works with each client to find the right concierge solution. We have staffed large hospitals with full-time concierge staff, but we also offer our services on demand. That is, your employee submits a request with a description of their task, their contact information, and the deadline, and a member of our staff receives the request and completes the task or errand. It’s simple and seamless for your employees, which leaves them even more time to focus on their work.

To learn more about Omega’s Employee Concierge services, click here. Or give us a call to start the conversation about offering your employees a unique benefit: 985-264-6214.