Omega Concierge takes pride in our people. We believe we have built a culture that embodies our core values: excellence, ethics, and education. In this “Omega Profile” series, we spotlight our people, and next up is Jamir Valentin, a valet at Ochsner Kenner.

Jamir’s Omega Journey

Jamir joined Omega in 2015 as a valet after working in a caretaker role for a home health company. He brings that caretaker mentality to Omega and to his valet position at Ochsner Kenner.

“I feel like we’re really helping people here. And I like helping people.”

More Than Parking Cars

When asked about his favorite part about his job at Omega, Jamir immediately answered:

“Interacting with the people. We see a lot of the same people week after week. We know each other by name, and we learn about each other’s families. We really become friends with our patients. It’s more than parking cars.”

In fact, during the interview for this post—which took place in the lobby of Ochsner Kenner—several passersby called to Jamir. To each one, he flashed a big smile and replied by name.

Counting His Blessings

Jamir talked about how much he has grown at Omega:

“This job has taught me how to deal with people. I have developed social skills and patience.”

And about the life lessons he has learned:

“We see a lot of things working at hospitals, and that has really taught me to count my blessings. Nobody wants to be at a hospital, and I have learned that a simple smile can make someone’s day. It is my job to make their day as wonderful as possible.”

“I’m a Bookworm”

Asked about the #OmegaBookClub—Omega’s program where we pay our employees to read—Jamir admitted to being an avid reader. A book Jamir was reading on his own even found its way onto Omega’s reading list.

“I’m a bookworm, so I’m always reading something. One day, I was reading the The Alchemist. Mrs. Nabila [Barrera, Omega’s Director of Services] asked me what I was reading. She took a look at it, and now it’s one of the books we can read for Omega. I think it’s great Omega pays people to read. They really care about their employees. I’ve never had a boss that cared like that.”