Omega Concierge takes pride in our people. We believe we have built a culture that embodies our core values: excellence, ethics, and education. In this “Omega Profile” series, we spotlight our people, starting with Concierge Kim Lopez.

Kim’s Omega Journey

Kim Lopez has been with Omega since 2015. She first served as a greeter at Tulane Lakeside Hospital, and she has since taken on a patient concierge role—also at Tulane hospitals—and as an employee concierge for Omega’s business clients.

Zulu Coconuts

When asked about her most memorable task or errand for an Omega patient or client, Kim is clear that she has two favorites. First, the coconuts:

“I drive a Nissan Sentra, one of the smallest cars on the market. During 2017 Mardi Gras, I was sent to New Orleans’ Westbank to pick up Zulu coconuts for a client. I pictured a few coconuts, but when I arrived to pick them up, there were several boxes. My car was packed full of coconuts, and I fought Mardi Gras traffic to bring them to the client—but I delivered them on time.”

“I Parked Near The Whale”

Kim’s second Omega memory is courtesy of an out-of-town hospital patient who was scheduled to go on a cruise out of New Orleans. When he fell ill, he was hospitalized. He encouraged his girlfriend to still go on the cruise, but when he asked where she parked their car, she said that she parked “near a whale.” She was unreachable while on the cruise, so Kim was sent to find the whale.

“There we were, two Omega employees searching downtown New Orleans for a whale. We had his keys and that information—that’s all. We searched parking lots and garages, and we even had a security guard driving us through a garage in a golf cart. Just when we were ready to give up, the car started beeping in response to our keychain buttons. And yes, it was parked next to a sculpture of a whale.”

The Alchemist

We have mentioned before that Omega Concierge encourages our employees to read books. Kim named The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho as her favorite #OmegaBookClub selection.

“The Alchemist is about going after your dreams, which Omega encourages. It’s about being better and trusting in yourself. It reminded me of the people at Omega.”

Speaking of those “People at Omega”

In response to “What is your favorite part about Omega,” Kim immediately pointed to her coworkers.

“The team here is awesome. There is a strong sense of family—we are a family even. We all work together in a warm and welcome environment. Personally, I look up to everyone here, and it is an honor to work with these people.”